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Universal Remote Trainer | Handheld Unit Only

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The safety of a pet fence – the one collar convenience of the Universal Trainer

For thirty years the electronic pet fence has provided safety and security to millions of pets from trusted brands such as Pet Stop®, Invisible Fence®, PetSafe® and more. Now you can have confident control of your dog’s behavior at home or where ever you go. Experience the same peace of mind your pet fence provides away from home with the patented Pet Stop Universal Trainer for your new or existing fencing system.

The Universal Remote Trainer can quickly and easily help you solve frustrating behavior problems such as jumping up, stealing food, excessive barking or not coming when called. With the push of a button you’ll be rewarding your dog’s good behaviors with a calming vibration or discourage bad ones using the brief attention getting pulse.

Whether it’s replacement batteries, pet fencing collars or the all new Universal Remote Trainer, you can trust Pet Stop – the world’s leader in fully compatible fencing solutions.


This product requires a universal remote training receiver clip.  *Sold Separately*


Universal Trainer Features

Pleasant Vibration

Use the unique vibration mode as a reward for good behaviors, or a simple, gentle reminder to call your dog with pleasant sensation.

Micro Pulse

Micro duration pulse option sends a static correction that lasts as long as you can blink your eyes. This is just enough of a tap to tell your dog what they are doing is off limits.

Warning Tone

At the park or on a neighborhood walk, a quick tone will signal any pet fence trained dog that they are about to venture too far.

Two Dog Control

Even with a tandom of dogs, the Universal Remote will keep you within a button’s push of bringing them back safe and sound.

Range Alert

The hand controller has both audio and visual cues to notify you if your dog moves out of range.